Serramenti e rivestimenti in metallo per appartamenti Gardens Beyond Cremona

Large continuous glass windows, invisible door and window frames, metal lined walls, designer staircases and flower boxes, winter gardens: the ambitious originality of a disruptive style that emits modern elegance and conquers with metallic transparencies

Specific requirements

  • System: ebe 65 - painted ral 9002 in galvanized steel
  • Coverings in metal: stainless steel corten
  • Scale: painted stainless steel and stainless steel
  • Designer: Studio Arkpabi
  • Location: Cremona
  • Project date: 2013

This residential complex, in the center of Cremona, has taken form step-by-step, expanding between floors, penthouses and large glass towers that seem suspended in the air. Each flat of the stilt structure, is characterized by hanging gardens and continuous glass surfaces, allowing stunning panoramic views over the city and its famous Torrazzo. From these residences, transparent and immersed in greenery, you have the feeling of being catapulted in a futuristic Garden of Eden, where metal surfaces, design elements and winter gardens, permeate each visual perception of magical enchantment.

Planimetria serramenti e rivestimenti in metallo Garden Beyond Cremona


The disappearing windows and panoramic windows of the apartments and the winter gardens, have thermal cutting profiles EBE 65: the most technologically advanced response to thermal and acoustic insulation requirements, energy saving and design. The coverings running along the entire structure were made of corten steel and grant continuity between interior and exterior. The stairs of some apartments are made of glass and stainless steel, the exterior ones in painted steel.


A visual journey that leads over the clouds, between glass, steel and corten, into a triumph of light and transparency, surrounded by design and innovation.