rivestimenti in alluminio uffici milano senago

Glass tunnel, aluminum claddings, mesh nets:
a metal giant lying sublime toward the sky with an extraordinary details clarity.

Specific requirements

  • Structure: iron
  • Coverings: alluminum
  • Tunnel: contnuing glass
  • Designer: ing. Sabrina Salvadori - Concrete Lab
  • Location: Senago Italy
  • Project date: 2014

10.000 mq of iron, metal and mesh surround the offices of Senago, lining them with strength, efficiency and resistance, but with an aesthetic impact that evokes a harmonious lightness as a whole. Effective visual contamination, between metallic meshes, colors and glass, recalls a work of modern chiselling, stylistic accurately, finely executed in details.

progetto uffici in ferro e rivestimenti in alluminio Milano


The supporting structure is in iron, the stretched nets used as a cladding are made of aluminum and alternate with different meshes and colors, the assembly of which is exclusively designed by Steel Group. Continuous glasses are made with structural joints and form a tunnel of light and transparency.


Metallic claddings and continuous glass windows extend in parallel, but shine with their own lives, in a triumph of shapes and light.