serramenti in acciaio zincato e verniciato per porte e finestre villa lecco

Hidden profiles and large windows illuminate and envelop the senses in a magic symbiosis with the surrounding nature, giving form and life-blood to an innovative totally green design.

Specific requirements

  • System: ebe 65 - ral grey 7044
  • Material: galvanized steel and powder painted
  • Designer: arch. Enrico Molteni
  • Location: Casatenovo (LC) Italy
  • Project date: 2009

This original glassy villa is the fascinating distinct element of the perfect fusion of interior and exterior parts represents the fascinating distinct element of this original glassy villa, on one level and immersed in nature.. Impressive windows built in height, favor the profound passage of light in the environment, which are surrounded by a pleasant brightness. Widespread transparency intensifies the visual impact on the park and enhances sensory perception, creating a very intense emotional experience.

progetto serramenti in acciaio ebe 65 per villa lecco


Fixed and moveable door and window surfaces have EBE 65 heat-sealing profiles, galvanized and powder coated steel, to optimize thermal and acoustic insulation, and ensure significant energy savings. They are also externally equipped with a special system designed to facilitate rain perimeter outflow. For the sleeping area, custom made blackout items have been made.


Design door and window frames with a translucent glamor that respect nature without losing full satisfaction to the search for the highest performance and extreme comfort.