serramenti in metallo ebe 65 e rivestimenti in acciaio inox per villa piadena

Transparent frames and large sliding glass eye-catchingly expand to enhance the architectural design and inflate the elegance of every detail, giving each look new perspectives of unknown clarity.

Specific requirements

  • System: ebe 65 - painted 90/10 rough
  • Material: galvanized steel
  • Coverings in metal: stainless steel
  • Designer: Studio Arkpabi
  • Location: Piadena
  • Project date: 2010

Based on a clear vision and a symmetrical grace, this Villa represents a new interpretation of reality. The observer has no filters or visual barriers, but is led to new horizons of pure discovery where materials, colors, and finishes of prestige blend, without confusion, to give birth to shades of clear purity.

progetto serramenti in metallo ebe 65 e rivestimenti in acciaio inox villa piadena


The fixed, openable sliding door and window frames have EBE 65 thermal cut profiles, also known as hot profiles: elegantly and technically perfect designed fixtures that allow high levels of energy efficiency with a minimum visual impact. For the sleeping area, however, darkeners with sliding steel panels have been made.


Lightness of lines and shapes, for fixtures and windows that reach high standards of safety and isolation, with the unique class of beauty without secrecy.