Evolving Matter

Functional achievements that turn into undisputed design protagonists: the metamorphosis that every structure and object accomplishes during the design and construction process of Steel Group. Aesthetic refinement is linked to continuous exploration of techniques and technologies to obtain the best performance from materials, wherever they are used.


The potential of metal

Steel Group has its roots in the tradition of metalworking, exploring the full potential and technical features. From these foundations the path of evolution has begun, in search of the infinite ways of expressing the total versatility of the material. A research constantly linked to design, to make every project not only a structure to admire, but an experience to be lived and perceived through the senses.

For this, personalization plays a key role: each project is also a story, a representation of the vision of those who desire the structure and choose details and finishes. Steel Group also gives shape to projects born entirely from customer's hand, helping them to make concrete also the most original suggestions.

  • Complete possibility of personalization
  • Design and consulting for every stage of the project
  • Extreme aesthetic expression research
  • High technical capacity and excellent performances
  • New showroom dedicated to customers
realizzazione strutture in metallo serramenti, rivestimenti, scale di design e giardini inverno