Together towards the infinite

Passion and craftsmanship in the service of design

Ours is an innovative company, a large group, a prestigious line of furnishing items: different realities, but with one heart, because every aspect of our activity revolves around the concept of quality and passion for craftsmanship and artistic work. In order to obtain important results, we only use the best materials, and enhance them with state-of-the-art techniques, within a positive and motivating working environment, where the daily commitment and dedication of every employee is centered on customer satisfaction. In our world, innovation, creativity and design blend beyond every boundary, to surround those who love the beautiful things of life, with the style and originality of exclusive furniture and design works.

An innovative company, a great group, passion and craftsmanship in the service of design.

Our brands

Artworks that say who you are:
door and window frames, winter gardens, design staircases, and customized metal claddings

The new frontiers of exclusivity:
metal furnishing and design products for indoor and outdoor living

State-of-the-art systems for the design, construction, and renovation of homes and buildings